Don’t Sell Make them Buy

Don't Sell Make them Buy
Upgrade Your Selling Skills
R. Mukund

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Don't Sell Make them Buy


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“Don’t Sell, Make Them Buy” is a book written by R. Mukund that focuses on the art of selling and how to effectively persuade customers to make a purchase. The author argues that traditional selling methods, such as hard selling and aggressive tactics, are no longer effective in today’s market and that a new approach is needed. Instead of trying to push a product or service onto a customer, the book advocates for understanding the customer’s needs and tailoring the sales pitch to meet those needs.

The book is divided into several chapters that cover various aspects of selling, such as understanding customer psychology, building relationships, and using persuasive language. One key concept discussed in the book is the idea of “selling the problem,” rather than the solution. This means that instead of simply trying to sell a product or service, the salesperson should focus on identifying and addressing the customer’s pain points and needs.

The author also emphasizes the importance of building relationships with customers. He argues that customers are more likely to make a purchase from someone they trust and have a good relationship with. The book provides tips and strategies for building trust and rapport with customers, such as active listening, being authentic, and providing value.

In addition to covering the theoretical aspects of selling, the book also includes practical tips and techniques that can be used in real-world sales situations. These include methods for handling objections, closing deals, and negotiating prices. The book is written in an easy-to-understand style and is filled with real-life examples and case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed.

Overall, “Don’t Sell, Make Them Buy” is a comprehensive guide to modern selling techniques that emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs, building relationships, and using persuasive language. It is a valuable resource for anyone in sales, from beginners to experienced professionals.

1. Highly recommend, Author has given practical stories to understand the sales, buyer mentality, how to address the situation and make sales simpler.

2. really enjoyed this book on Selling that really simplifies the sales process for people (like me) who feel like they cannot be good sales people. As an NLP coach and trainer I could see how some of the suggestions related to building rapport, connection with the customer is such a fundamental thing. Mukund has used many stories and examples also to illustrate ideas and strategies. Classifications and definitions have also been simplified and explained very well. I was pleasantly surprised to see the illustrations and pictures as well. In sum, this book makes Sales sound like fun – it is not overpopulated with theories and complicated processes. It is a great read, and has made me excited about selling!

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