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AI For You The New Game Changer Shalini Kapoor Sameep Mehta
AI For You The New Game Changer Shalini Kapoor Sameep Mehta

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AI For you:The New Game Changer


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“AI for You” is a book written by Shalini Kapoor and Sameep Mehta that provides an introduction to artificial intelligence and its various applications. The book aims to demystify the subject of AI for a general audience and provide a comprehensive understanding of the field.

The book begins with a brief history of AI and an overview of its current state. It then delves into the different branches of AI, including machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. The authors provide a clear and concise explanation of these concepts, making them accessible to readers with little or no background in the field.

The book also covers various applications of AI, including computer vision, speech recognition, and robotics. The authors provide real-world examples of these applications and explain how they are being used in different industries, such as healthcare, finance, and transportation.

The book also explores the ethical and societal implications of AI, such as the potential for job displacement and the need for responsible use of the technology. The authors provide a balanced perspective on these issues and offer suggestions for how to mitigate any negative impacts.

Overall, “AI for You” is a well-written and accessible introduction to the field of artificial intelligence. The authors do an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts and providing real-world examples to illustrate their points. This book is suitable for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of AI and its applications.

1.This is a brilliantly written book that captures tons of practical insights and knowledge that will help any organization starting (hopefully only few!) or on an existing journey to help AI deliver significant business benefits. The book doesn’t just capture what are the elements of success but also how these evolve through the maturity stages. Further, it gives a very good perspective of some of the models under AI that can be leveraged. The best thing is that this book is rooted in reality and leans on several real-world examples which makes it a treatise for anyone with an interest in the field of AI!

2.Very well written book on AI journey with real industry use cases. This book is very relevant to AI practitioners as well business leaders starting on their AI journey. Book covers both the technical aspects as well softer aspects of AI journey.

3.The book is written in a simple interesting language which even non technical people can understand and then get a feel of what AI can really do.

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