September 27, 2022


A Touch of Eternity

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Title:- A Touch Of Eternity
Author:- Durjoy Datta
Publications:- penguin Random House
Release Date:- 18 January 2021
Language:- English 
Genere:- Young Adult


Born on the same day and at the same time, Druvan and Anvesha know they are soulmates in every sense of the word. Their parents, however, refuse to accept their ‘togetherness’ at first and try to tear them apart. Druvan and Anvesha try their best to explain why that cannot happen. In the same timeline, the world has made huge progress in science and some of the first experiments to combine the body and the soul have begun. This is an opportunity for them to prove their love and tell the world that it is love that can make the impossible, possible. Druvan and Anvesha participate in the experiment as if their life depends on it, because it does. The only thing that remains to be seen is, will the dream of a man to control love and life come true? And when the time comes, can one stay true to their soulmate?


I accidentally saw this novel in a movie JERSEY n the title of this book took all my attention…i didn’t know anything about DURJOY DATTA SIR But for some reason this author seems to make it in my opinion that bit easier to read and more enjoyable. So I thought this book was very well written, I would highly recommend this book.

Its very Emotional And Heart Touching Novel.I would like you recommended everyone like to read this book. Durjoy dutt Sir writes novels in very simple language.

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