September 27, 2022

Adult Fiction Novels | Combo of 4 Contemporary dark desires

  1. Wicked Temptations
  2. Sensual Attractions
  3. Dirty Martini
  4. Feathers and Fire

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1. Wicked Temptations


Wicked Temptations” by Riti Prasad is based on “Navras”” – the nine emotions of life and a chance to notice the stories that go around us. For a change, ever wondered what it’d be like to walk in anybody else’s shoes? Ever tried to fit in them? Or be a character in another person’s story? We all see them, looking at each other because we can’t help but notice them. Some of them are absolute white; some turn grey and the touches of grey along with the softening around edges tell such stories. Find yourself a slice of life through everyday stories about each and every one of us.

2. Sensual Attraction


Suspense, passion and intrigue in the collection of short adult stories portraying relationships, corporate politics, friendship, love triangles and betrayal. Each story is gripping with enough twists and turns to shock you into stunned silence.

3.Dirty Martini


Life was all rainbows and daisies for old-school, demure Preethi. But an expensive mistake made her the oddball in the flashy world that she chose. Her very survival threatened, an escape from the slapped label seemed impossible. When she faced a single ‘why not?’ moment in her life, she found solace where she least expected. Into her life walked Raghu, like the fresh air of a dewy morning.

4.Feathers And Fire


An epic tale of sorrow, love, death and inevitable fate. The novel gives you a taste of tragic teen romance at the same time deals with the inevitability that every relationship in the post global world of fast tacked love today’s teen face.

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