September 27, 2022


In Search Of Home

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Title:-  In Search Of Home
Author:- VK Mehta
Publisher:- Mohit
Release Date:- 18 November 2019
Language:- English
Genere:- Young Adult


What do I even do if I find that person? And what do I say to them?

Dev is an 11-year old kid who gets the chance to go to a boarding school. Nandini didi tells him that someone has donated money for his school fees, but he has no idea who the person could be. Rehaan is smart, rich kid but his parents are divorced and he can’t stop blaming himself for it. He sits next to Dev on the first day of high school and they bond over their problems.

Dev’s life changes a little every time he tries to solve the mysteries of his past.

Will he find his home?


The book is an amalgamation of a novel and poetries. The book is about love, friendship, family, heartbreaks and many other emotions we all experience in our daily life. This piece of art traces the life of a boy named Dev, who lived in an orphanage and is IN SEARCH OF HOME right from childhood. One fine day, he is snapped out of from the comfort of orphanage and had to leave for boarding school. This is because someone had paid fees for his education and so a new mystery surrounds his life. On his journey, called life, he is gifted with a group of beautiful friends who is always by his side. Leading up to the climax, a reader gets to experience a journey that is full of ups and downs which makes the book very relatable because that’s what life is, isn’t it?

I am actually quite impressed by the Poetries, which brings an amount of fresh air to an otherwise serious journey. Also, I loved the character of ‘Gramps’. He is one of those characters which act like a shining light, whenever there is a difficulty- he is there to guide. There were grammatical and sentence formation errors throughout the book which could have been dealt better. Otherwise, it is a great read. One should definitely join the journey!!

“Life doesn’t comes with answer, it comes with questions” – a quote from the book.

The book starts with Dev who was in turmoil about whether the opportunity provided to him is an invitation to good luck in his life or the opposite. Dev was an 11 year old orphan who gets a chance to study in a boarding school. The fact that out of all the children in the orphanage why he is the only one who gets this chance,, this question often troubles him. Whenever he puts up the question to his Orphanage Didi she replies that a rich woman helped him. Unsatisfied and troubled by all these thoughts he always had the desire to meet that women and complete his search for home. Meanwhile, Rehaan a smart ,rich kid when entered his life ,everything starts to change eventually. The silent ,lonely kid now started to make friends and enjoy his life. But what will happen to Dev’s search for home. Will it end with Rehaan or Rehaan’s arrival in Dev life will lead him closer towards his search for “home” ??

The book shares the story from the perspective of three people. The bonding between Dev and Rehaan is beautiful. A friend that holds your hand and drags you out of darkness and gives a new meaning to your life is what all aspires. Friendship is all about quality not quantity. And its same with the duo. The authors also shares some beautiful poetry through the characters present in the book.

The storyline was refreshing and beautiful. Its a book all about friendship, love, finding your inner peace and also some sprinkle of romance. I liked that romance part was kept a bit low and let other things around to develop better. I love when authors give time to the characters to develop and not just take everything in a fast way. This book will make you smile and also emotional at same time. Also the cover of the book is beautiful. Needed such a lovely book for a long time 💜💜

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