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Author:- Nimrah Ahmed
Publishor:-Manshurat Publishers
Release Date:- 1 January 2016
Language:- Urdu
Genere:- Fiction


A novel about a helpless orphan girl who discovers the real meaning of the holy Quran which helps her cope with the vagaries of her miserable life.


I truly want to say that this novel not only tells a story of an orphan girl but depicting everyone’s life here. I am damm sure after reading this novel most of will will rethink about our lives and the way we are living it.
Miss Nimra has given a glorious spiritual touch with some Quranic verses and translation. You will become more generous to your relatives after reading understanding and applying the principles of our holy Religion Islam.

One of the best books I have ever read. It really helped me in improving. After reading it I have started few good things in life. I started reciting surah kahf on every Friday. Must read for males as well females.

This novel is vey good and heart touching because in everybody’s life something going went wrong. This novel helps us to improve and change our personality.

By- Samiya3511

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