December 3, 2022


The Road And The Lamp


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Title:- The Road And The Lamp
Author:-Dr. Savita B Singh
Publisher:-Notion Press
Release Date:-5 October 2015
Genere:- Horror


Vasant and Kanchan are a young, loving married couple. One day Kanchan happens to buy a painting of a young western woman, painted by a French artist, many decades ago. A friend and colleague of Vasant, Dr Sarkar, likes the painting so much that Kanchan gifts it away to him.

Then a curious thing happens one night. While travelling on a train, Dr Sarkar meets a young woman, who is a replica of the woman in the painting, except for her Indian complexion. This woman is Chitra. The mainstream of the story is the bonding between a poor orphaned Chitra, hounded by past terrors, and Dr Sarkar, who has an extremely wealthy background, and a stable, staid persona.

This is a story that explores the events in people’s lives, and the role of karma in fashioning our destiny, and in entitling us to divine help and intervention. Thus the story follows the possible destinations that our life could head towards in this world and beyond.

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