December 3, 2022


Not Without Your Love


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Title:- Not Without Your Love
Author:- Arvind Parashar
Publisher:-Srishti Publishers & Distributors 
Release Date:-10 August 2021
Genere:- Romance


KABIR – a young and dynamic travel journalist, he lands in Afghanistan for a special project. But his actual destination is Noosh, the love of his life.
NOOSH – smart and spirited, she has known Kabir since her college days. In her hometown, buried under political unrest, she is waiting for Kabir, the man of her dreams.
When Kabir’s idol, Professor Sizov, offers him this special project, it comes with a baggage – he has to be a spy. Little does he know that he is a part of a larger conspiracy that will ultimately lead to a war and crush his existence. After multiple setbacks and betrayals, he takes it upon himself to fight for love.
Spread over years, NOT WITHOUT YOUR LOVE is a story of unresolved hatred and lasting friendships, of suspicions and unwavering faith, and of the power of true love that beats all odds.


‘Ever has it been that Love knows not it’s own depth until the hour of seperation’ ❤️
– William Shakespeare.

This Book refers to the events that takes place in Afghanistan in late 1977, and a couple trapped between the politics that happen in the country, where a deadly war follows latter.

🌸 Kabir – The protagonist who was an Indian but works as a journalist in the Daily times – for Americans, is what people know about him. What is unknown is, he was a Spy for the Soviets in Afghanistan. But Later, when the American embassy knows about this, Kabir had to take a stand & support either one of them.

🌸 While, Noosh was a Persian girl, who graduates with Kabir But then Operates an NGO in Afghanistan. She in simple words can be said as the love of his life.

This book not only deals with Love but also the unstable political situation of Afghanistan, which occured due to Internal wars, rebels, external influences and over all a weak Government.

🌸 There was a Total breakdown in Law & order due to Government policies, which resulted in the invasion of the Soviets & Outbreak of a war that last for a decade.

🌸 Everything was falling apart and the City was under seige. War is all about losses, Both Kabir & Noosh were deeply trapped in the political chaos. People were shot dead on the streets and the only choice was to flee the country.

 ‘Where there is war, where there are guns, I would still believe, love is never enslaved’.
~ ‘Friendships that are built in Hard times last forever’.
~ ‘Epics are never etched in doubt’.

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