December 3, 2022


Learn To Trust

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Title:- Learn To Trust

Author:- Neha Agarwal

Publisher:-Neha Agarwal

Release Date:-22 March 2022

Language:- English

Genere:- Relationship


I am sharing my thoughts in the form of my debut novel. It is my pleasure to share with you all. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading this novel. I hope you all will find an affinity between your lives and the incidents narrated here.

Those who loved someone and had full faith in that person but in return found their trust broken in just a moment, can very well understand the expressions painted in this novel. This is a life changing love story of a cute, simple and generous girl who faces many adverse circumstances at every step of her life.

Finally she got stuck with a person who is struggler. She falls in love with that person but her emotions are one sided. Trust is an emotional bond and basis of every relationship.

In this novel I have tried to give hope and an idea about faith because no relationship works without trust.

No matter how strong a relationship is, if there is a lack of trust, the relationship does not last long. When a person starts believing in someone more than herself and when she comes to know that the person she has trusted the most never believed in her, she breaks down and no one knows in such a situation what the impact will be on her.

The book teaches everyone how important it is for us to believe because all the persons in the world are not wrong. There are so many good people around us, we can trust them because trust makes us humane and it has a miraculous impact on everyone.

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